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    Things could be better.. agree that fat fingers can come into play.
    i have personally hit an already 3 starred base, as have others in our clan.

    Would think a little more spacing could be of assistance, but lack of concentration is the key error..
    There is warning given, but sometimes one is simply going thru the motions a little when hitting go, so the warning is easily overlooked.
    I also try to double check nowadays when moving from "scout mode", both army and availability (have been caught out with both)

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    Always, always, always scout the base first. Not just because of this issue but to run through your attack plan one last time. It just makes good sense.

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    I'm pretty sure there is a warning. What I'm guessing happened is either a) you double-tapped something, or b) you saw green and instinctively clicked it.

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    I’ve done it too, just auto-tapped right through the warning without thinking about it and then the 'oh crp' moment when seeing the base isn’t the one expected... It taught me the hard way to always attack from scout.

    now if only I could stop my fingers from tapping okay to a legends attack when heroes aren’t ready about once a month too ... ay yi yi.

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    This sounds like a bug that needs fixing.

    Attacking from scout view is good, but sometimes, not rarely at all, multiple adjacent bases are nearly identical.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SharkyFinn View Post
    It was Phoenix2017 who also provided a picture showing that a popup warning does come up.
    I can assure you that I have never seen that screen in CWL. I have 9 accounts and have done the mistake of double hitting in CWL a few times.
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