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    Constant communication with the player base is one of the things that makes a game good, knowing that they listen to their player base is a very good aspect of it. Having Darian as the current CM (especially I just came back playing after years of quitting) is a good decision for SC, I just checked some of his videos around youtube when he was in CIG, and I'm not surprised if he was loved by that community. I will never forget how Blizzard handled their player base when they released Diablo Immortal, it was a disaster ("Don't you guys have phones??" - epic ), so we're kinda lucky to have such a person between SC and us.

    I don't know and cant comment about the previous CMs as I just came back last year when Darian is already at that position.
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    Quote Originally Posted by SharkyFinn View Post
    To add, Supercell also has a pretty good record of providing games with different rules/mechanics to meet everyone's needs. I'll occasionally see posts by players who expect the fundamental aspects of the game to change radically. That should never happen. If someone is expecting the game to shift away from attacking others players to gain loot, they should check out some of the other titles available. The basic premise of this game is a good one and IMO Supercell has improved upon it year-after-year.
    I could not agree more. However, the fundamental aspects of the game have changed radically. Are we old-timers going to explain this point to SC?
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    Yes. Good job SC.

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    I am playing clash since 2015 & have take breaks in between.The one coolest thing about this game is that it saves in game progress
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    I love this game after returning to it 2 years ago, it doesnít feel like you are forced to pay to enjoy the full game. Updates feel like they are getting more frequent, and about 1/1000 friends that I have yammered about CoC to have returned (good thing Iím not a marketer), all of which have been pleasantly surprised and stayed. Kudos SC!

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    As someone with ADHD as well, and honestly canít sit down and play any other games, this one has kept my interest for 6-7 years, and I went from being a clan hopper, to now running my own clan for a year.

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    Same here, been entertained ad-free for years and the only mobile game to do that (for me at least)

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    Played this game for 6 years. Never played any other game this long. Mostly I quit games because at some point, it becomes too hard and/or too time consuming to continue your success rate. Since this wasn't the case with Clash, I enjoyed it for so long. But unfortunately, some changes to this game over the past years made it the same as other games. I stayed a few years longer because I was in a good clan with nice people. But lost the interest anyway. I still miss playing it, but no intention to restart because I don't miss the accompanying growing frustrations I got from playing as an almost maxed out th13. I have parked my main and 15 other accounts in my own clan and stopped 3 months ago. I guess I am still hoping for better days, but I know the freedom you had before, in how to build your village, won't come back. Sometimes you just have to let go and say farewell instead of goodbye...
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    Best mobile game company in my opinion. I’ve Been playing since 2015. I don’t usually spend money on games, but being SC I like to support and spend $20~30 a month on it. Worth every penny to me

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    Have played all SC's games, the once that kept me longest are boom beach (now retired) and CoC. Hay Day I did play for 3 years. mostly for the team we had, nice people and fun to chat with. Currently on a break from all mobile games, wasn't a distraction anymore, more like imperative, needed to stop.

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