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Thread: Connecting to hay day

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    Connecting to hay day

    Since the update today (09/07/20), I have been unable to connect to hay day. I get no further than the connection screen.

    I have checked my internet connection, storage and all is ok

    Is anyone else having this problem and know how to fix this?

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    What device and OS are you using?
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    Same issue here

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    Same issue here 2 farms connected 2 will not had this problem before usually uninstall app then install uit again.
    But today taking its time. Waiting for download for 20 mins

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    Galaxy s10e Android version 10

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    Maybe unrelated, but i had on my Samsung galaxy 6 with android 9.1 similar problems, waiting for download. After pulling out some hair, i discovered the Google Play store app was "disabled". I never tinkered with its settings, never turned it "disabled" by mistake or on purpose. Yet, it happened. The only possible explanation is that my credit card Google account recently expired. I enabled the app even before renewing the card and suddenly everything downloaded and installed itself.

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