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Thread: Any Level is Welcome ☺️ #29LGQCCL

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    Any Level is Welcome ☺️ #29LGQCCL

    Ive recently found out my neighbourhood has left, leaving only me and someone who isnt active😅😅.
    We have a few members at this current moment from various parts of the 🌍 We just want a better community with more fun while building our farms 🐖🐐🐄🐑🐓
    I have been on this for years and only recently returned back to the neighbourhood After finishing university for the summer 🥳🥳
    I want to have a neighbourhood with friendly people who are willing to help each other out🙂🙂.
    I love a derby, but doing them on your own is pretty boring, 🙁 so hoping this will work and that other people will be willing to join. ☺️☺️

    Our neighbourhood code is: #29LGQCCL

    no bullying. Period.🚫
    no swearing.🚫
    if you are stuck dont be afraid to ask.🙏
    join the derby if you want there is no pressure. 🐎🐎
    any level is welcome to join (of course minimum of level 10) 😎
    and have fun.✨🎉🎊
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