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Thread: Which Skins are you using now ?

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    Which Skins are you using now ?

    As the title says, it will be a general discussion where you can tell which skins you are currently using, you can also tell "not using any skin". Just to know which skins you like and which skins are used by many players
    I am using skeleton king and valkyrie queen (waiting for party or clockwork warden in future).

    Edit: From the replies, i found the most common skin in use is "DEFAULT SKIN"
    I will update if any other sking gets more used, other competitor is party warden.
    Updated till reply 25.
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    All accounts default GW,AQ,BK :-)

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    The default skins. I don't have any other skin and I'm also not interested in that... I find it a useless addition to the game, but if others like it and like to pay for it... No problem for me

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    ... what's the 'discussion' if it's just people stating what skins they use?

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    I am a strict naturalist, so my heroes are au naturale. Only skins they have are those that they were born with!

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    Pekka king, Ice queen, Party warden on main.
    Skeleton king, Valkyrie queen, Clockwork warden on mini.

    I donít like the 2 sets that are in the game. Might switch to gladiator set on one of my accounts once I get it.

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    CoC is pretty much the only game i i have every skin so far. and since im pretty superstitious, if i use a skin and the attack fails, i put the skin on the shelf and avoid it. i have the primal skins but wont ever use them becaue i had 3 bad attacks in a row. the clockwork skins got me to my highest trophy level ever, so ive been using them the most

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    I use all of them, but I only display three at a time.

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    Quote Originally Posted by JusMe View Post
    ... what's the 'discussion' if it's just people stating what skins they use?
    Sounds like a discussion to me, lol. Isn’t a topic of conversation a discussion? As opposed to a debate, maybe?

    Anyway, I have some of them, and a few I like, but just using the regular ones. My heroes get lost too easily in battle as it is. If they were wearing skins, I’d forget what I’m looking for, lol.

    Thanks TerM!

    Got kinda worried snooks might be gf, but seems there's no gf in the set-up so she is absolutely confirmed.

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    Autumn queen, party warden and pekka king

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