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Thread: Lv 160 & 161 Aussie Hood Only

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    Lv 160 & 161 Aussie Hood Only

    Hey farmers,

    2 mature farmers currently at levels 160 & 161 are looking for a new Hay Day home. We live in Australia and are thinking of trying to find an all australian hood (if that exists - thinking of trying just the one time zone)! We want to find a hood that does 320/400 tasks all 10 tasks and we would love the option of helping the hood trash tasks too! Higher the levels the better but please post your neighbourhoods regardless and we will check you out! Thanks

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    We are a new hood with serious Derby ambitions. Our emphasis is all about teamwork. We are mainly Europeans, but we have one Aussie player who might welcome a bit of company. Because we are are a new hood it will take 3 more weeks to get back into the top level, but if you are serious Derby players you might wish to check us out. Our new Hood is called Derby Teamworks which has a ginger cat logo on a blue heart background. Finished the Blossom Derby in 14 hours this week so we set a high bar, but if you can compete at that level we would love to have you. We have an external chatgroup as communication is essential for the more strategic Derbies. You can send a friend request to Derby Teamworks on FB if you would prefer to chat with us before joining.

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