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Thread: The Tempest: A TH8 Base Design (2 Formations)

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    The Tempest: A TH8 Base Design (2 Formations)


    Table of Contents:
    - Introduction
    - The Tempest (images of base)
    - Features of the base
    - My clan (Cavebears)
    - Version history (from the start!)
    - My other base designs

    Hello! I am Tempest and welcome to my first ever base design thread! You can find me in my amazing clan: Cavebears.

    My IGN is Tempest.

    This base is solely created with my own imagination and is completely unique.

    The purpose of this thread is to display my own base design, but at the same time accepting constructive criticism to further improve it. I have actually spent quite a lot of time in making this thread, so I hope you can appreciate it!

    When first designing this base, I really wanted something different looking with its own uniqueness. I was originally going to try making a modified "Southern Teaser" kind of base, but it didn't work out and I ended up with this. I know that many popular base designs have many of the same elements which make it successful, so I am hoping that I can do the same with this one.

    Please feel free to change things around! It is the dynamics of the base which make it what it is today. Being able to move things around freely without messing up the elements of the base is a huge advantage!

    Without further ado, I present:

    ~The Tempest~

    Don't like the current version below?
    Scroll down to the 'Previous Version' section and check out the links to the one you like!
    Don't know what's changed?
    Scroll down the previous versions and feel free to compare!

    *Please note that the extra gold storage on the bottom should be replaced with a mine/collector instead*
    Also the 1 missing wall goes on the end of the left bottom cannon (at the start of the funnel)



    Features of The Tempest
    Centralised Clan Castle
    - Clan castle filled with 25 archers means 500 DPS
    - Only pre-attack-lurable by defence targeting troops

    Triangulated Splash and Air Defence Coverage
    - Mortars, Wizard Towers and Air Defences are the most important defences
    - Wizard towers are offering maximum protection for storages
    - By placing them in a triangulated formation, it allows for maximum optimisation

    Separated Storages to reduce losses
    - By having separated storages, it reduces losses as attacker needs to decide where to attack from

    DE Storage
    - Well protected for a valuable resource

    Centralised TH (for Trophy hunting formation only)
    - Centralised TH minimises the chance of being 2 starred
    - TH can also be a good tanker while defences take out the attackers

    Funneling & Tested Trap Placement
    - Advanced funneling and explained above
    - Double giant bombs to roast some hogs that come too close!

    Staggered Junctions
    - No X Junctions means less compartments broken into when a wall is destroyed

    Spread out Point Defence Coverage
    - Having spread out point defences allows for maximum coverage of the base

    Both left and right side are symmetrical
    - Great for people who are OCD

    My Clan (Cavebears)

    I am an elder of Cavebears in the Bear Family. We are a mature and social clan with respectable donations per season. Well structured and guided by exceptional leadership, we are a very unique clan!

    Our requirements are TH8 with level 5+ Archers/Wizards/Dragons.
    If you are interested in joining and fit the requirements, please send me a PM or leave a post on this thread.
    For more information please visit our homepage to make an application or forums thread!

    Version History (Links)

    v1.0 (the start of something unique)
    v1.1 (few changes to the wall structure)
    v1.2 Farming (deemed as a final pre-revamp)
    v1.2 Trophy (deemed as a final pre-revamp)
    v2.0 (the first of the revamp)
    v2.1 (segmented wizard tower)
    v2.2 (major change to side structure)
    v2.3 Trophy (partial fix to side funnel)
    v2.3 Farming
    v2.4 Trophy (swapped some buildings around to address funneling)
    v2.4 Farming
    v2.5 Farming (additional fix to side funneling)
    v2.5 Trophy
    v2.5.1 Farming
    v2.5.1 Trophy (Funneling fix)
    v3.0 Trophy (change of wall structuring)
    v3.0 Farming
    v3.1 Trophy (change to prevent trap testing)
    v3.1 Farming
    v3.2 Trophy (additional improvements)
    v3.2 Farming
    v4.0 Trophy (big changes!)
    v4.0 Farming
    v4.1 Trophy (fixes)
    v4.1 Farming
    v5.0 Trophy (a second revamp)
    v5.0 Farming
    v5.0 WITH 4 MORTARS

    My other base designs (links)

    Nexus Core

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    I'm not a th8 anymore so won't be using it, but I just wanted to say job well done. Really it's a fantastic looking base to me, well thought out and well put together. You managed to achieve the uniqueness you where after without compromising anything. You've got buffer walls, good trap placement and you haven't made the common mistake of placing WT's in front of the storages, storages will act better as a tank while the WT's do their job.
    All together a pretty good base and I will be recommending it to my girlfriend who is currently mid th8.

    Thanks man!

    P.S I also like the interchangeability between farming and trophy mode. Seems to be a desired trait with a lot of designs lately.
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    Good job orz! Really greaaattttt! Hats off to you man!

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    Great base! Seems to be doing really well! My one problem is that the core has many buildings in it. A good attacker could get into the center and destroy everything, but that doesn't seem to be the problem Very unique! Great Job!

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    YOUR base, Taking YOUR loot
    Looks good...slit up inner core abit

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    This base design will never be goblin proof because it is a vault but its possibly the only good looking vault i have seen for th 8 great work.

    Proudly present Sky Legacy the clan of NMR
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    Quote Originally Posted by Alweert View Post
    Looks good...slit up inner core abit
    Quote Originally Posted by tonjerfita View Post
    This base design will never be goblin proof because it is a vault but its possibly the only good looking vault i have seen for th 8 great work.

    From experience, it takes the attack quite some effort before making into the middle compartment, due to being redirected to other parts of the base.

    As for goblins, they really aren't an issue as not all the resources are in the middle. They are spread out around the sides, and the top to ensure minimized losses, so the attacker will have to choose carefully where to attack from.

    Thanks for the feedback so far guys!

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    Awesome base. I've been looking for a good TH8 base setup and I finally found one. Thanks!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gamrpro View Post
    Awesome base. I've been looking for a good TH8 base setup and I finally found one. Thanks!
    Thanks! I appreciate it

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    no bad at all..well done.... The only thing I have an issue with is the huge section in the middle and no walls to break it up...get in there, and its just about over as (almost) all your splash damage is in there...

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    Do you even meow, bro?

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