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People try to make every dirty trick possible in CWL, we have proof that one of the clans in our cwl cheats - they sent somebody to a clan that is going to be demoted anyhow and convinced them to put a base with defenses on one side and structures on other side, walls in middle for their war.
So even though we won all clans it seems that cheaters near perfect war (they actually managed to get on 43 stars even on such bases) will get them enough stars to win the cwl by few stars.

(we suspected them and sent somebody to that clan to see how this is possible that they have such a great war after they scored only 31 stars in war with us, luckily that clan is not very active and we found all proof in chat)

all the screenshots were sent to SC support from an account that pays SC and has the contact us option, i also sent proof directly to SC employee since i dont have the contact us button in my F2P account.
Bottom line, nothing was done so far - they were not banned, the other clan which accepted their offer and put such bases is not banned and we have just one war left till the end of CWL, unless something will happen TODAY they will get away with it and get a promotion they did not deserve and cheat their way to champions...
It is difficult for SC to take action relating to the current CWL, because anything they do to that clan will also affect all the others in the group, and it could be tricky to be fair to all.

It seems more likely if they do take action, it will be by doing something like banning them from future CWL for a period, or dropping them to a lower league or similar, but after the current CWL ends.

Which I know is hard on you, but it just seems likely to be what SC will do (if they do anything).