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Thread: Solution to the Dead Nectar Bush Crisis

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    Solution to the Dead Nectar Bush Crisis

    Instead of getting nectar only from nectar bushes, let the bees get nectar from fruit trees/bushes! This way, nectar bushes don’t have to pile up once they’ve been used. All of the fruit trees and bushes available for sale are flowering plants, so it would make sense that they could be pollinated by bees. If a player doesn’t have any bees, their fruit plants could still grow regularly because they would be pollinated by the birds or butterflies. Because fruit trees/bushes produce a lot of valuable fruit during their long life, this change would make the farming experience much more integrated and efficient. The extreme demand for axes would greatly decrease because a) fruit trees/bushes are around longer and b) the trees require saws, not axes.

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    I'd actually like to see the nectar bushes have the same "lifespan" as the peanut bushes. Sure, they cost more per bush, but would also save more axes!

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    Saving axes would be a good thing. I wouldn’t want to cause a crazy saw shortage at the same time, though, if it actually affected the trees in any way at all?

    Having the nectar last a bit longer would be nice, though. At least like the other trees and berry bushes that you can harvest twice before watering and once after.

    With the amount of honey products available and asked for, it could be something to consider looking at.

    Thanks TerM!

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