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Thread: Supercell must make easier to contact them

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    Supercell must make easier to contact them

    As we are facing many issues which can not be explained by posts etc
    Instead a post the live chat should be available where we can explain our problem and get solved.
    AS now a days en number of apps and games have the live chat option so it's not a big issue to install a live chat feature.
    This feature was available 1-2 year ago,My issues too was solved but very late.
    Instead super cell community should work on it and solve the issue and bugs at earliest it can.

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    Live chat =lots of money paying those CS people and I wouldn't see this as a f2p for much longer if they had to pay for that. There are plenty of other apps and games that work just like this one.

    What bugs? That's a very vague statement.

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    What is your issue?

    Having live chat would need millions of workee which cost billions each month.
    People would spam support with questions like "when/what ist next update?".
    The support is for real problems like bugs and account recovery. Everything else can be handled by communities.
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