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Thread: Most boring and most interesting townhall

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    Most boring: th 8 and 9.
    Most interesting: th 1 and 13.

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    Most boring: TH11. Not sure why but never really liked it when that was the top hall. 9 and 10 were more fun.

    Most interesting: TH12. I really liked the gameplay when that was the top hall, loved the meta and addition of siege machines in general.

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    For me, the most interesting one was TH9 for unlocking the Archer Queen and then the hero grind for taking them to 30-30. Boring one? I guess TH2 because I guess we just sweep past it in minutes or what and before getting hang of the game, you're already TH3.

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    TH9 is the correct answer. Yes. For both.
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    Most boring = 8

    most interesting = 10

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    Most Boring:TH9(due to hero grind).Tbh I had been playing catch up and was mainly focusing on grinding till Novemeber last year, when I maxed TH12 just a few weeks before TH13 update.

    Most Interesting:When TH13 was released, I was maxed TH12 and I was maxed TH13 in a few months and after that my focused shifted more towards learning new strategies and improving my game.So TH13 is most Fun for me so far.
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    TH8 the most boring, while TH13 most interesting due to accumulation of strategies and new Heroes since TH9.

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    Most interesting th13 after maximizing it, cause of legend league and manny options in attacks.
    Most boring, th13 after that. Doing daily the legend league attacks and war being bored and same rinse and repeat.
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    TH9, (most interesting TH level) it is your stepping stone towards Queen Walking.
    TH10, where the real action begins
    TH11, where the real frustration begins (the most annoying TH level when 13 was introduced)
    TH12, where your hopes gone to a vicious cycle, thinking that you're already there but your'e not, frustrations leveled up.
    TH13, oh yeah, everybody wants to be maxed..

    Nothing still beats TH1, where everything can be maxed in just an hour.

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    seems even number th are more boring than odd number th

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