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Thread: Notification for clan chats on phone display

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kartik17018 View Post
    Though it doesn't Matter whether this Feature should be installed just a suggestion whoever need can switch on this notification.
    That's the thing. The majority of people probably won't like this feature. I'm just guessing here though.

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    Notifications for clan mails come through.

    In an active clan, notifications of chat would be overwhelming.

    In an inactive clan, I maintain one, I have found it best to promote every known person to Co-Leader. Do this, and tell them to send a clan mail when they want someone to check in.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kartik17018 View Post
    As there are many notification like for army,war,shield,etc
    But there is no notification for chats which take place in clan.
    We should be able read the Clan chat as a notification like a messenger from our phone itself.
    This may help the clan leaders to go active and react with them immediately.
    Don't delegate your responsibilities to your phone, it's your responsibility to act accordingly to anything that is happening in your clan, as a Leader of my clan, I don't need to rely on notifications to manage them, I am mandated to login to check things around.

    I see this idea as a form of laziness.

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