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    Quote Originally Posted by George1971 View Post
    CWL isnít really good unless you have at least several players at TH12-13.

    If you drop below gold, itís mostly no show opponents.

    For mid level clans, classic war is much better. The downside of giving up on CWL is that CWL gives much better rewards, both loot and medals. I think classic war should give more loot and medals for winners too.
    Opponents below gold are 'too good' for their league IMO. The lower leagues are getting filled with 11-13s. Even In silver 2, our opponents were TH10 and up only and recently, I saw a clan with 5 TH13, 6 TH12 and the rest TH11 in bronze league :-( . As you said, the best option for low and medium level clans is to skip CWL altogether and leave it to the pros. They would get XP atleast, if they play normal wars in the mean time.

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    As others have stated, there is no matchmaking in Clan War Leagues, nor should you ever use your "mirror" as a gauge of regular wars. Official Web Site Official Web Site -+- SharkBite YouTube Channel
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