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Thread: Inferno drag or Baby dragon?

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    Inferno drag or Baby dragon?

    Super troops are supposed to be better than normal troops but ,Is Inferno drag really better than baby dragons? I think its not ,whats ur view?

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    For funneling, I think the normal baby drag is more efficient than the inferno drag in terms of camp space, there are very few instances where an inferno drag would be more suitable for funneling so that doesn’t warrant unlocking the inferno drag over super wallbreakers or sneaky gobs. The best use of the inferno drag is in defense so I’ll likely never unlock it.

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    I unlocked inferno dragon for cwl and I am still regretting as i normal baby would done better funneling and swb was worth unlocking.

    Inferno b.dragon and super witch both doesn't seems a buff but a completely different troop

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    inferno dragon is kinda tricky to use, but its really good against the high end defenses and high hp stuff in general like king if you can get them in. all 3 of these new troops are trickier to use but they serve great value if used correctly. super troops arent meant to be completely OP anyways so pick your favourite super ones whether its for farming or a niche attack used for cwl/legends.

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    Just upgraded to maxed my babydragon does the job for me....

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    Have to say I prefer baby dragon hands down

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    the only thing I will say is two baby infernos and a ice golem in CC can take out a 75 queen if timing is right. twice in our CWL she took out one baby inferno, then went for the ice golem. by the time the freeze was over and she got the second inferno baby, she was was forced to use her power.

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    The Regular Baby Dragon is my favourite troop for Farming. Very few troops have the precision that Baby Dragons possess. Plus the fact that they also have decent health and a more than useful Rage effect. For me, they are the most versatile troops in the game.

    I cannot imagine my COC life without the Regular Baby Dragons, such is my love for them. At the moment, I am a mere TH11 who does not have access to the Inferno Dragons. But from what I have seen or heard so far, I cannot imagine myself giving away the Regular Baby Dragons for seven long days!

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    For defending purpose Inferno Dragon is better. As for offense I think that Baby Dragon is more flexible and can be use in more circumstances as compare to Inferno Dragon. And IMO that's the same for all other Super Troops versus Regular Troops, with one exception to Super Barbarian (in all cases Super Barbarian are better and still remain flexible with 5 housing space only).

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    I think they are both good. I've used the inferno drag in my suilalo comp in Legends and they did great in helping to funnel my heroes.
    The normal baby dragons wouldn't have lasted as long, since a lot of LL bases have archer towers in range of structures on the edge.
    Personally, I think the inferno drag fills more of a niche role than anything else.

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