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    Quote Originally Posted by rahultarafdar View Post
    50 k is a massive amount for th 9 especially . So there is no chance that he csnt put both hero down since he will be also looting alongside
    A TH9 can store around 200k so 50 k is only a quarter. 50k is very little towards a hero upgrade and you really just need 1 book to spend it.

    Quote Originally Posted by rahultarafdar View Post
    Well i understand ur issue on planning ,but just like u everyone is not devoted to the game . Some people be like hell i have book of heroes lets use it. or , hey i have dark ,lets uograde heroes .
    Well then you run into issues like you describe and you should accept them instead of asking the game to change to accommodate your lack of planning.
    you don’t have to be devoted to game to plan a little.

    Besides if that attitude is a general thing for them they’ll have worse problems then a game.

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    No I am not in favor of changing time of cwl but I am waiting for the update which will allow us to use two super troops at a time which would solve the dark elixir problem , as even after planing , my storages are filled especially dark elixir storage in my both account th 11 and th 13

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    As others have said: SC has stated the timing of cwl is in line with other major esports competitions.
    Also, with the planning: I took my mini to th12 just as clan games began in June. I had been saving a hammer of building to insta level the th to 12.
    I did this because I knew when the season bank would hit, I 'd have nothing to spend the de on.
    I still had (technically still have) walls to upgrade, so the gold & elixir from the season bank was no problem to spend.

    As for the de? I had a book of spells, a book of heroes, and a book of fighting. My de was practically full too, before the season bank, thus I had 450K of de to spend however I wanted.
    That is how you plan ahead.

    Now, for this month, I'll save the books from the gold pass until I see what the clan games has to offer. If the cgs offer any books I already have, then I'll use my current books on upgrades and replace them with ones from cgs for when the season bank hits.

    Planning ahead is not too terribly difficult to do.
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    You can’t always guarantee a book in CG or an event though. There’s probably enough gems coming out of the builder base (shudder) and free potions from the trader and season rewards etc to buy things from the trader a a discount. These follow a set cycle so that’s how I plan ahead

    i find that manageable if winning clan wars does add about 12k of DE to my treasury each time

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    Quote Originally Posted by helloworld2 View Post
    You can’t always guarantee a book in CG or an event though. There’s probably enough gems coming out of the builder base (shudder) and free potions from the trader and season rewards etc to buy things from the trader a a discount. These follow a set cycle so that’s how I plan ahead

    i find that manageable if winning clan wars does add about 12k of DE to my treasury each time
    Monitoring the trader cycle does help. I only use a hero book when I have another one coming soon. This is to make sure I have one at season end. I also like to have either spell, fighting or both available at season end if possible. As kat said, I rarely collect games rewards until after season end so I can stack books. I also time my lab upgrades to be close to season end. Prudent use of lab potions help. Only time I've wasted loot on my th13 was when maxed. Never on my mini that's th11.
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    Managed to spend almost my entire season’s banks in all 12 of my accounts (from little ones to TH13) planning use of books, builders, lab etc ... just requires a few minutes frenetic activity each month The schedule is what it is, work around it ... and if peeps are daft enough to put heroes down during CWL week then they miss out, tough luck on them My lot wait until after CWL to do this, if they run out of books, because I ask them up front not to upgrade heroes during CWL week and to plan around it ... so they do ... only reason they aren’t available to do CWL is that they’re not available in real life that particular week I say this not to appear sanctimonious, just to give example that these things are possible to plan around, like Kat says I do that planning in 12 accounts each month, it should be a piece of cake in one
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    Quote Originally Posted by homer3142 View Post
    Just to clarify what I meant, I don't know anyone quitting because of this specific detail of when CWL starts - it is the overall frustration about leveling heroes in general. When you need >200 upgrades to catch up, detailing a strategy around one or two book of heroes is helpful but mostly missing the point.

    What I (and others) am super frustrated with is spending 75% of my time with all three heroes upgrading, and struggling to get enough dark elixir (because farming without heroes is obviously way harder than with them), and then the one week where I can actually farm easily I'm sitting there with maxxed out DE unable to actually gain anything. I'm much more annoyed by the first part of that sentence, but the second part is just adding insult to injury.

    Literally anything you can do to ease the ridiculous hero grind would be greatly appreciated. It doesn't need to be changing the CWL start time, but I'm sick of losing clanmates who are tired of being unable to play effectively since their heroes are always down, yet still somehow always too low level because so many extremely long upgrades are required. An even better idea I think would be to make the Trader always offer BoH for 500 gems during CWL. I do fine when I get lucky and those are available, but I pull my hair out sitting on 300k+ DE when they refuse to show up.
    >200 upgrades to catch up?!?!? If anyone's heroes are >200 levels behind, then there was a severe lack of planning when they rushed their THs forward leaving their teenage heroes behind. Those people created their own situations, it's not up to Supercell to fix it for them. If you're recruiting clanmates whose heroes are that far behind, that's also your problem. If a TH10 joins my clan with teenage heroes, I kick them with the message: "too rushed, heroes too weak".

    Heroes are the most powerful items in the game. The hero grind definitely should be ridiculous. You gotta earn it.

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    Honestly, this topic is getting really old. And pointless. SC isn't going to change the timing of CWL. If they wanted to, they probably would've done it already. The current timing is because of esports play, and also, have you ever considered that this is a great cash cow for SC? If people have too much loot, they'll be tempted to gem/buy gems.

    This all boils down to bad planning. You need so save books and hammers for this very moment, so you can spend the excess loot. Don't blame SC for your troubles.

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