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Thread: More walls per level

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    Quote Originally Posted by George1971 View Post
    That’s a ridiculous number of walls.

    Maybe only for high levels and for second story walls to stop hogs, wardens and royal champions. Not sure if SC wants to go that way, upwards complexity, but I suspect that they will, but only high levels, not every level.

    That's actually ruled out in the stickies. And for the OP, 50 is WAY too much.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Selrachcw95 View Post
    I guess with my current base layout I have so many defenses wide open just not sure where to put the so my whole base has walls.
    Which TH level are you? Are you trying to put every single building inside a wall compartment of its own? Look at some base layouts online; every building doesn't have to be inside walls for effective defense.

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