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  Click here to go to the first staff post in this thread.   Thread: After update: They removed the prize 3x permits (scrolls) in Derby. UNBELIEVABLE!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Vuongquyen3131996 View Post
    Dear Nick,
    I'm very glad to know you.
    I don't understand the timing of the blossom tasks. Can you explain?

    Thank you so much

    First of all, welcome Vuongquyen3131996 to the HD subforum. Sadly for you, Nick won't reply to you soon because he and his co-workers live in Finland and it's July, so many Finns are enjoying their month long vacation and will return to work in August.

    Maybe your fellow players in this subforum may be of assistance. What do you mean by "timing of the blossom tasks"?

    FYI, I've found a thread discussing the Blossom Derby in 2018. I hope you're able to find your answer by reading it. Good luck.

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    Thank you Supercell Co-Founder Mikko Kodisoja and good luck on your new adventure.

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    I am fortunate that I opened land as soon as I collected the permits at the end of the last derby. I was also fortunate that I had the stakes, mallets and land deeds needed to get it done. I’m sorry to all of you who work so hard only to see the permits ripped from your hands. I love Hayday but the idea behind why they make permits so slow is completely beyond my comprehension.

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    Iím glad I saw this post. I was so pleased to see three scrolls as one of my bunny prizes. Next time I looked the three scrolls went to one. I honestly thought I misread it. Now I know it was a glitch. I donít like what Hayday did especially since the scrolls are so rare but at least I know I wasnít mistaken.

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