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Thread: Suggestion / Opinion on the refresh rate of the game at TH13

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    Let me jump in and tell you what is bothering me...

    To begin with, let me give you some context. I have been playing the game for about 6 years now, and I have really been enjoying it, at the very least until very recently. I always maxed my village as fast as I could after every update, I always watched the new videos by my favorite YouTubers, I always practiced the new attacks. I have been in Legend League for at least 2 years now, I have close to 3000 war stars in my main account, and I have two accounts in a Champion 1 clan.

    Back in the day, I joined the discussion (perhaps the longest discussion ever in the forums) regarding the clouds. I asserted, along with many other players, that I loved the game, except I would really like to see the clouds gone. And that was it. I never asked for the game to suddenly become much more competitive and difficult. In particular, I never asked that I should absolutely HAVE to attack 8 times a day, or else risk falling out of Legend League.

    I have been playing this game because I have been drawing satisfaction from the fact that I am good at it. Not one of the best, though, as I never aspired to be in the top of the leaderboards or in a top war clan. But I was doing OK. Now I feel SC pulled the rug under my feet.

    I see some advice by other players that I should practice. Respectfully, I disagree. I have practiced for years. But to expect that I should be able to drop zap spells at a particular tile to hit like 5 buildings at once, plus drop them at the right millisecond in order to also hit the queen that keeps moving is just ridiculous. And what is the point in practicing this great super witch army? I am not going to be able to use this army next week.

    Attacks used to have some flow, things kept moving. Now, I attack and 3 ice golems come out of the cc: my troops are frozen for like 10 seconds. Then my troops fall into the tornado trap, they are frozen some more. Then I run out of time.

    Wars used to be such a delight: you would spin the wheel and you would be in for a surprise every time. Sometimes you would draw complete noobs you could easily defeat; sometimes you would get that unbelievable clan that would 3-star all of your bases. Now, wars seem to be "perfectly balanced". It's like hitting hour head against a brick wall... but perfectly balanced: sometimes your head breaks, sometimes the wall. But it does not matter, because in the end your head hurts.

    No, it is fair to say that after the weaponization of the TH and Operation Blue Skies, we are playing a different game that just has the same name as the game we loved. If we are still playing that is, as the social aspect of the game has taken a severe blow. Yes, SC may be boasting that income has never been so high, but I will also believe my own eyes when I see so many clans lying empty and abandoned.
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    Quote Originally Posted by rurunix View Post
    For those that are Th13,
    Im starting to feel a good amount of difficulty in doing attacks that requires fast eyes and even faster reaction.
    It’s tough. Do you watch live streams of top players? If not, one thing you may not know is that they have spotters linked in chat watching the attack and helping them figure when & where to drop what. If the pros find that helpful, then those normal players doing things on their own will definitely have difficulties.
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    Oh, yeah. That's a good point - spotters. I first noticed their existence when watching pre-nerf inferno 11v11 attacks, but to be fair, it was before auto-ability. Auto-ability is a big change.

    Anyway, if even the pro need spotters or helpers, however you're gonna call em, normal players out there don't stand a chance. Something to consider when planning complex attacks.

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    I bet being a good helper is actually challenging. If you’re shouting at the player all the time, you will probably cause more problems. You would need to develop a good sense of when it’s worth saying something.

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