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    Make sure you take screenshots of your diamond count prior to and after collecting these diamonds from the Valley rewards.

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    First (being nice) the scrolls farse:

    Now opened piggy bank to get 40 diamonds, as advertised, and only got 30.

    Supercell has turned our (once) beloved game into a charade.

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    I would contact Support before jumping to any conclusion. ALL languages in game say 40 diamonds ; the info about diamond prize change was posted in feedback thread as soon as update came out.

    Hard for the team to miss such display issue and not reacting.
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    I noticed the alleged 40 diamond prize and I assumed that negative feedback made them change back to 40. Very disappointed to only receive 30 diamonds even though it says 40.

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    Lost 30 diamonds, 10 each on three farms. This was my first time playing the Valley. Sure was a big disappointment to get screwed in the end.

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    If you do not know there is a bug with this why would you even think of taking screenshots?

    I contacted support and expect them to fix the issue.

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    Mine shows 40 diamonds on both farms, only rcvd 30 diamonds. Have contacted help for both farms.

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    Sure this is just a bug (or "visual glitch") but this happening right after the scroll-gate.. I understand that people are furious and SC needs to show some sympathy for the community and long time players (opposite to how they handled the scroll gate).

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    Thank you to everyone for reporting this. The information has been passed onto Supercell.

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    I didn't think to screenshot but I had same problem, selected "40 diamonds" and only received 30

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