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Thread: Should I Upgrade my TH10?

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    Should I Upgrade my TH10?

    Hi, I am a TH10 with max defences and traps with 222/275 walls at level 11. My heroes are 35/31 (BK going to 32), Most of my war and multiplayer troops are max and I am focusing on spells that i use more often. I can't have all my builders sit idle. I am thinking that I will try to upgrade as many troops as possible this month and upgrade my th at the end of the season is it great or I must max out my base further.
    This is my base log link:-

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    Max out the heroes. At least the queen and get king to 35.

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    Go for it as soon as your walls are maxed. Donīt let the elixir and gold go to waste just to upgrade your heroes.

    My base was max except for 4 levels of King when I went to TH11. It took me 3.5 months to max al 3 heroes (no regular wars, cwl every time).

    Must say I buy gold pass.

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    I agree, upgrade soon if your builders are idle. There are plenty of weak th11s to farm, and there is soo much loot in the game it is easy to farm.

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    Go on and upgrade, but focus more on heroes at th11.

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