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    Quote Originally Posted by BostonGirl View Post
    Everything you said makes perfect sense and you have certainly just convinced me that it was a bad idea (on the supply side). But those two things don’t tell me that it was a glitch. It tells me that it was a bad decision - just like you posited. And I think that SC realised it and fixed the problem. And I think that SC should hire you and pay you lots of money to analyse the effects of proposed new features. And that they should pay me a finders fee. 😉😁
    I agree with your conclusion that it was intentional originally but they then decided it wasn't right for whatever reason - balance probably, &/or consistency, as meo suggests - & changed it.

    One of the reasons I think this, possibly the main reason, is that when valley was new & someone first posted, on the forum, about buying a certain amount of fuel for a reduced price, Nick replied on that thread saying that they couldn't have got that amount of fuel for that price because it wasn't one of the offers available. BUT, then he said something along the lines of..."Ah, unless you waited at the fuel station for the price to decrease", as if he was aware that this was a feature that did, & was meant to, happen.

    I'm not sure if I'd be able to find that thread now (would be easier if we had, from the start, a Valley discussion section!) but I definitely remember it, & could maybe try to dig it out for linking to here.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Merry230 View Post
    I’ve been tracking Valley fuel spins over the 2-1/2 seasons. Anyone who thinks the spins are biased towards the lower end might be right. “Six” spins average 26%, “Seven” spins average 31%, so lower ranges together total 57%. “Eight” spins averaged 24% while “Nine” spins average 19%, so higher ranges total 43%. This was tabulated over 205 spins, and this bias (esp. the much lower rate of “Nines”) was consistently observed every season, including the current one.

    Now, you didn’t really think Hay Day would honestly have random spins, did you? 😂
    Last valley season I seemed to get a lot of sixes when spinning the fuel wheel (I'd say 33% at least). I can't recall using diamonds for any spins, though I know I did once or twice in a recent valley season (when desperate).

    This valley season I have been tracking my fuel wheel spin results. Of 51 spins so far (I haven't been getting to 100 suns much this season) I have had:
    six - 10 (20%)
    seven - 10 (20%)
    eight - 12 (23%)
    nine - 19 (37%)

    This season's spins would have been useful last season, and last season's would have been adequate this season.

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