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Thread: Level 70 Looking Nzh

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    Level 70 Looking Nzh

    Level 70 Derby focuse player looking new NH. I want to win derbies. I do 320 only and extea task each derby. Very competitive. English speaking. Chatty.
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    Hi. Myself and some long established hoodies started a new hood 2 weeks ago with long term ambitions to be in the top 200 on the World leaderboard. We are looking for players who are self-sufficient, looking to help each other, looking to work as a team, and who are willing to learn. We are all English speaking and we have high standards in terms of good manners, politeness, and a desire to help each other. If you feel you have the right qualities both in terms of competitiveness and the desire to be an integral part of our team then look for a hood called Derby Teamworks, which has a ginger cat on a blue heart logo. If you have the right qualities we will help you progress and develop your farm.

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    Sending you a pm!

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    Hi there, Iím looking for new players that are derby players. I had a nice NH, but had to quit for awhile. My co-leader took over, and evidently couldnít hold the NH together. When I came back, they where opted into the derbyís, but wouldnít play or communicate, so Iím now starting over after getting my NH back. Come join me and give it a try. Iím at level 104 and back to Champion status. #880Q2Y8V2

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    Private message sent about our neighborhood winner winner

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