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Thread: Should I upgrade my th to level 10?

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    Question Should I upgrade my th to level 10?

    I am currently a th9 with everything max except tesas, traps, 2 air defenses, 4 mortars, 2 wiz towers and one xbow. I also have 4 troops and 5 spells. Barb king is lvl 16 and archer queen is lvl 18. I want to max my base but I have like 30 million gold and elixir plus 440 000 dark elixir. I dont know what to do with it. All my walls are max and builder take so long to upgrade stuff. I feel like all the loot will go wasted. Should I upgrade to th10 so I can spend it on walls or something or stay in th9. Thanks for the help in advance!

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    Hi, although I can't make decisions for anyone else, but I'm feeling like it will be a good idea to share my principles for upgrading my town hall: I divide all upgrades into four categories: Structures (i.e. everything taking builder time except from heroes), research (all the stuffs you do with your Lab), heroes (self-explanatory) and walls (also self-explanatory). Before upgrading my town hall I will always max out 3 out of 4 categories, i.e. if I have max walls, max structures and max lab I will skip heroes; if I have maxed structures, walls and heroes I will skip my Lab. Currently it looks like you have only maxed out 1 out of 4 categories (walls) so I wouldn't go to th10 if this is my account. However having fun is always the most important and if you just don't feel like waiting you are always free to upgrade.
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    I guess your farming troops are done.

    You are getting a bit rushed on the hero side, fix it while you can. By the way you're doing upgrades, you'll end up with max walls at th10 with 25~ heroes.

    To fix it, ironically, I'd go to th10. The reason being at th10 you can loot a lot more dark elixir than at th9.

    Your priority should be getting barracks to miners and upgrade them to max along with heal spell. When you have those, you can start farming with only miners and focusing on dark elixir. Forget about anything else, they will come with time. Yes, even walls.

    Just focus on dark elixir and farming without heroes, always put both down and you'll get them up to level faster.

    You can keep a builder free to upgrade walls too.

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