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Thread: 👾2 week old clan seeking NEW members!👾Expect a focus on CW, CG, and CWL👾

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    Exclamation 👾2 week old clan seeking NEW members!👾Expect a focus on CW, CG, and CWL👾

    clash cluckers👾

    clash cluckers👾 is a United States based clan in search of ENGLISH speaking members who may have just started playing clash, just picked up the game again, OR are seasoned veterans. We accept all kinds of experience levels, we just ask that YOU would be open to grow!

    A few friends had a vision and on June 14, 2020 clash cluckers👾 was born. Having already seen area's of growth and improvement, we are excited to see what the clan could become with even more dedicated members!

    Things you can expect from clash cluckers👾 as of now:
    👾Friendly and Competitive atmosphere, looking to improve TOGETHER
    👾Clan Wars 24/7 [if you don't want to war that's fine too]
    👾Maxed Out Clan Games
    👾Recruiting TH 9+ with decently leveled heroes
    👾Looking for new and experienced attackers who are ready to improve and grow. Clan Wars are important to us.
    👾Most of us are level 100+ but that is not a criteria for denial from our clan
    👾We have a discord to discuss all kinds of important information: base designs, attack strategies, war planning, general

    Criterion for Leadership Positions:
    👾Dedicated to improving and growing the clan
    👾ACTIVELY seeking ways to help and improve attacks/base upgrades
    👾Friendly and active in the chat
    👾Donates often and respects other members
    👾The decision comes with time but will be worth it in the end, your hard-work won't go unnoticed.

    Overall, looking for LOYAL members who enjoy a friendly and competitive atmosphere/community. We have only [one] maybe two accounts that are able to donate seiges currently, however - high leveled troops for donation are always at the ready.

    Hope to see you soon and stay clashing!

    NOTE: mention that you are from the forums when requesting

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    Daily bump. We currently have 26 members in the clan. Join for CWL and 24/7 wars. Be apart of leading a clan into growth!

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    Daily bump. We currently are battling it out in CWL. Hope to see you here!

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    Daily bump. We have 25 members currently in the clan. Most level 100+. Hope to see you there!

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    34 members in the clan and growing. We hit a major spike in activity last night. Hope to see you here!

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    Finishing out CWL strong! 35 members and counting. Hope to see you here!

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    Daily bump. 37 members strong and counting. Very active and just finished up CWL. Hope to see you here!

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    Daily bump! Placed Gold 3 for our first CWL placement. Now running 10v10 man wars! Hope to see you here.

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