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Thread: ⚔️Clashers🛡 #Y0RP80Q ☠️ Jan 2015 | USA Based | ✨Maxed Clan Games | 🎗Friendly

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    ⚔️Clashers🛡 #Y0RP80Q ☠️ Jan 2015 | USA Based | ✨Maxed Clan Games | 🎗Friendly

    Clashers (#Y0RP80Q), Level 15
    Hello! We're the 3rd highest leveled clan in the U.S. with the name of Clashers! (That counts for...something, right?)
    Anyways, we're a U.S. based clan but we also have members from U.K., India, and Australia. If you're an active and english-speaking th10+, join us! If you're th10+ but worried about being rushed, apply or tell us your tag and we'll see if you're still qualified.

    What we offer:
    Maxed clan games
    Competitive wars (we're currently on a 11 war win streak!)a
    Space for farmers and people upgrading their heroes
    And a chill environment for friendly clashers
    Thanks for reading and tell us that you're from the forums~
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