Hello Everyone!

This thread is to invite you to join Medieval Knight (#GG2RL00)!

What we are looking for:

We are going through some re-building of our member base and need to fill up to 20 open spots. We would like for anyone interested in joining a clan that is focused on winning clan wars and performing well in CWL to request to join our clan! We donate often and are dedicated to providing a place for good war players to thrive and help others who want to learn and improve. We support players who function well by themselves but will regularly contribute to donation requests, war ccs and will follow the rules and instructions of clan leadership. We can support those who are willing to take advice and learn new strategies which are suggested in order to improve their skills set for war attacking.

What we are not looking for:

We are not in the position to support rushed bases or anyone who does not value their fellow clan members. Requesting an excessive amount without contributing back to fellow clanmates at an equal rate will not be tolerated. We also will not tolerate anyone who disregards war strategy/direction on who to attack, which is given in the form of clan mail approximately twice during battle day; not performing attacks on battle days is also not acceptable without a legitimate reason or a heads up ahead of battle day. all of the above listed actions will result in an immediate kick from the clan.

We hope you will consider us for your next clan and find that we are a good fit for anyone who is looking to build up a strong clan.