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Thread: ⚡️Voltaic Legion [] #29ULGJVVU [] Mature Clan [] Recruiting ALL Twn Halls⚡️

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    ⚡️Voltaic Legion [] #29ULGJVVU [] Mature Clan [] Recruiting ALL Twn Halls⚡️

    Greetings everyone,

    We are recruiting legionaries at any level to conquer all who get in our way! We are apart of a bigger family of clans that continues to grow since the beginning of clash!

    A few requirements are needed:
    Must speak English
    All rushers except, siege machine donators, are not permitted to join
    Treat everyone with respect and dignity

    Also, we are a more war focused clan than farmers and trophy pushers. Our donation system is that if you are above th7, you must have an donation count of 250 every month minimum, additionally promotions are EARNED through trust, longevity, and overall show of support to the clan!

    Hope to have you in our next battle, if you wish to apply, simply post a picture of your base with your player tag, that simple!

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