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Thread: Catch the bunnies! Prizes (so far) are great!

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    Counting invisible Bunnnies

    I chose a 5x Faster Tom nap on Monday, only 3 go to temp storage for swapping . Those average boosters bought from Valley now have been used.

    I don't know how long this extra amount will stay. I'll take it as compensation for funky bunny timer and all the nuisance that goes with forfeiting top 3 .

    No need for permit or puzzle piece here, I'll stock up on boosters �� with those bunnies. But I expect the amount to be adjusted (that makes more sense) in the future.
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    Quote Originally Posted by meonhoc View Post
    ...I'll stock up on boosters 😊 with those bunnies. But I expect the amount to be adjusted (that makes more sense) in the future.
    Thanks for the confirmation, Meo. 😘

    Maybe there will be an adjustment. It depends, I think. SC may be trying to encourage us to use more boosters, more often to keep storage ready for more. They may also be trying to encourage the occasional diamond-spend to
    1. clear the booster waiting list; and/or
    2. keep the boosters won from the derby columns.

    A lot probably hinges on how we players deal with the multiples this round and the next. (Just call me Captain Obvious)
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    Quote Originally Posted by Janilee View Post
    I'm finding it impossible to catch the bunny. The timer always says 1 hr. and 30 minutes until bunny time. But it counts down a few minutes, then resets to 1 hour and 30 minutes again. I've been waiting all day, and it's never bunny time.
    a friend had this problem as well - there’s a glitch that resets the timer if you log in and log off during the bunny countdown of 90 minutes....she solved it by turning off the sleep on her iPad and leaving the game on and open (plugged in!) until it was bunny time, so the timer never reset....that seemed to work.

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    No bunny times

    I'm having the same problems with the timer. Starts at 1:30 and just resets so we never get a bunny time. The last time the timer reset it set at the next bunny time being in 10 hrs 30 mins. ??? Been 3 hours (timer at 7 hrs +) and it hasn't given us a bunny time. Extremely frustrating for a "chill" derby.

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