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Thread: Rate my base design 🇮🇩🏁

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    Rate my base design 🇮🇩🏁

    Scout mode


    What do you think ?

    I need advice 😂

    Link: fRMmcNhTAKj1T_Tbte
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    A basement. Seriously.
    Alright, here goes.

    It's not a bad idea for a base, but I see several things I would change. The trouble is, the firs thing I'll mention is very difficult to fix once a layout is finished...

    First off, all the valuable stuff is pretty easy to get to. CC looks lure-able, AQ and at least 2 Xbows are relatively easy to get to, and pathing looks to be relatively easy to set. Like I said, that pretty difficult to fix once everything is's best to "build those things in", if you will.

    So, some other easy fixes to inprove the base:

    1. Spread your traps out more. Other than a couple of air mines that are slightly out of the bottom quadrant, literally all of your traps are concentrated into 1/4 of the base. Now, this does make that 1/4 of the base really difficult to defeat, which i imagine was the goal, but it makes the other 3/4 of the base really easy to take down. Spread at least a couple of the red air mines and all of the giant bombs in the middle compartment up to the different quadrants of the base. Also, scoot the spring traps in the middle compartment over a couple of tiles to make room for #2.

    2. Move your Town Hall directly south, and move your Bomb Towers southward as well (you'll end up with the Town Hall's bottom corner touching the Air Sweeper's top corner, and there will be 1 tile of space between the Air Sweeper and each Bomb Tower). This makes that whole compartment completely unreachable from the Upper section of the base. So, if an attacker were to try and Queen Charge up one of the pathways between your islands, the Queen couldn't get a cheeky lock onto your Town Hall (this could easily, by itself, hold your opponent to a 1 star).

    3. Swap the Bomb Towers with the nearest 2 Xbows. Xbows are far and beyond more important defenses than Bomb Towers, so you want them 1) more protected, and 2) closer to the center of your base, so they do more damage, to a larger area for a longer period of time.

    4. Swap your northernmost Wizard Tower with the Mortar to its south.

    5. Swap that same Mortar with the Cannon in the North.

    6. Swap the far Eastern/Western Wizard Towers with the Cannons next to them.\

    7. Swap the southernmost Gold and Elixir Storages with the 1) Dark Spell Factory and 2) Gold Mine nearest the Archer Tower in the West (the one symmetrical with where the Dark Spell Factory is).

    8. On the walls by the Archer Towers/Air Defenses in the South, adjust them so they are like this:
    Make the corner by the Gold/Elixir Storage like they already do (change nothing)
    From the corner, place 2 walls Northeastward
    From there, place 2 more walls Northwestward (so that the walls link to the corner by the cannon.
    Do this on each side. Then remove excess wall from inside the Air defense compartment. Place those walls anywhere that you think will make troop pathing awkward lol. This makes the Air Defense un-snipe-able by a suicide Queen.

    That's a lot of tweaks, but they're all relatively minor. Like I said, not a bad base idea. If you want tips on fixing #1 (by building a new base, and how to avoid those pitfalls), I'm more than happy to help!

    Also, how is it that you've maxed out your walls before your other defenses? Usually walls are the last things people touch, if they touch them at all lol.
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    Your base is vulnerable to AQ walk Lalo.

    People can draw the Clan castle units and also take out one or two air defense using the queen charge/walk . Then from the other side , a Lalo will just destroy it in a zippy .

    I am not a good [I]base builder / designer[/b] , so I won't be able to tell you exactly where you can set those up but probably , get the Air defenses to the core , which will be quite helpful as prevention.

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    There is a strategy called the hope attack,consisting of pekkas and hogs.I would say it is almost like a queen charge hog,as the aims are the same,but it would dismantle this base real quick....

    Not actually me,though.That would be so cool.
    Check the out wiki for clearing some common doubts,trust me it'll help.

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