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Thread: Rainbow flag decoration

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    Rainbow flag decoration

    Dear staff,

    Could you please please please make the rainbow flag to be available again?
    I had lots of final exams at the University when HayDay had that flag as a gift from a fishing event that was held exactly during those weeks of my final exams.

    I would highly appreciate having that rainbow flag as I'm a part of the LGBT community as well. I was lucky enough to be able to flee from a country where people like me are attacked.
    So if you could please somehow help to make similar event to come up again, or via Derby prizes, with that rainbow flag as a reward, I would definitely be very thankful.

    Thanks beforehand.

    Kind regards,
    Mrs. K
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    Given the fuss it caused at the time, I don't see Supercell making it available again, except maybe as a pay for diamonds offer. Shame we can't trade - mine is sitting in storage. That's not because I have an issue with it, but I just don't clutter up my farm with decorations.

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    I missed it too and really want one. I was busy at work and didnít even know about the flag until it was too late

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