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Thread: The huge gap between TH11 and TH12

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    I do believe there is quite a bit of down time on heroes at TH12. It makes it really hard even with books and rewards from various sources. 25%-35% of the time players dont war because of that. And when they do, often they still miss one hero.

    I understand SuperCell needs to live and make it reasonable between earning money and giving stuff to players. But lets be real... its TH12. Anything one level lower then max level Town Hall should be cut down to 4 days or something. It still takes like 1 year to get to TH13 or something like that.

    At least it will increase the quality of the game a bit.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Gobldgook View Post
    The gap between Max TH11 and Max TH12 is massive and bigger jump than any other TH to TH upgrade.

    How do they expect TH12s to war is beyond me with 50 levels of hero upgrades all starting at 7 days and at a high cost.
    They drip fed hero's when TH12 was max so didn't seem like a cliff edge.

    When will Supercell address this elephant in the room?
    The gap between TH 13 and TH 12 is pretty massive as well...

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    If your interest is war, you'll just have to sacrifice speed. My interest is maxing ASAP, so I haven't done wars other than CWL since I was a TH10 doing 5v5 wars with a TH12 and 3 TH4s.

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