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    Quote Originally Posted by Vaibhav4444444444 View Post
    This can explain that it is not totally random, but it is still random in terms of fixed dates, like cwl which always starts with beginning of every month.
    And i think question asked in thread is related to fixed dates for which the answer is random.
    Let's go back to what OP actually asked:

    Quote Originally Posted by Ullaspn View Post
    I have question i.e when do you game developer decide that there is a need to add 4x star bonus
    Is it just randomly thrown into game or there will be any specific time like when there is low amount of resources in game economy etc
    Just curious to know.
    Paraphrasing: Is it random or is it based on some other conditions?

    The OP did NOT ask if it is random or if it is based on fixed dates like you have inferred. Where the OP writes, "specific time", in that context, it does not mean "fixed dates".

    It is entirely likely that the event is happening now because SC is monitoring the economy and they thought it needs a boost. It's also possible they do an event like this every time they see an economic slump, i.e. a "specific time" like when the economy is hurting. It's also possible that they're doing the event because of the recent game update. The point is: WE DON'T KNOW. Neither you, nor I, nor anyone who doesn't work at SC. Unless of course, SC made a public statement and I've missed it (which would be an example of "evidence").
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    More active people around an update = less dead bases = bad economy.

    I would say supercell preemptively put them in place around updates as they would have seen a pattern in the game.

    I also think it is entirely likely they monitor the in game economy and put these "stimulus packages" in as needed.

    Pretty sure SC have started they monitor in game economy in the past.(Most likely in a thread " why can't we use DE to upgrade walls")

    Just a guess...

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    Maybe everyone saying random means they don’t actually keep track. I know I don’t, so it is seemingly random, but I’m sure it isn’t random just because I don’t know the schedule.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kannukanhashubhang View Post
    What evidence do you need? If there is any specific time period, we would have known. Isn't it?
    Well given that they most commonly come soon after an update, I think we have the answer.

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    I think that they wait until just before the end of the monthly season when I have a full season bank and I have timed it so badly I won't even have one builder free when it all gets transferred to my storages.
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