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    Quote Originally Posted by Piper139 View Post
    It's a tool for clan management. I dont see a down side to being able to set everyone to red. It comes up relatively frequently. The main consensus seems to be ok for leader to be able to set to red, but not to green.
    Yeah I get that, and I have seen it a few times in here.. I just wouldn’t wanna use it, as I would be reminding Everyone to go green, and I don’t have to much of a hard time getting them to remember to go red. But if it would work for some..

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    Maybe not everyone at the same time, as this might make people miss some wars.

    A thread was active not too long ago, saying that a leader could set individual members to red, but not to green.

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    Quote Originally Posted by DeathLily View Post
    ...I just wouldn’t wanna use it...
    If you don't wanna use it, it doesn't mean it will hurt you if it is implemented, you have the choice to use the desired function or not, if you still want to do the old ways its up to you, but I would also want a green-to-red toggle for my members.

    This was the link cookie you were referring to

    Many or most agree with the green-to-red (I voted up for it as well), but I'm kinda off with the red-to-green, my thoughts are still circling around with the potential chaos it may incite in the clan, but the green-to-red will definitely help me.
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    It would greatly improve clan management as I see it.

    if you dont wanna use..well dont use it, but in my clan it would be a great help. I also support the thoughts in the posted thread....
    small improvements in clan management would improve the overall game!!

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    i support the thoughts in the main post.
    Such minor improvements Will benefit the game!!

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