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Thread: Chill Bunny Derby Timer Issue?

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    It definitely takes the chill part away when we have to constantly keep checking for bunnies and/or keep the game open at all times so the timer doesn’t keep resetting to 1hr29min.

    I’m done with bunnies and am opting out of next bunny derby. This is ridiculous.

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    Hi all,

    I found a way to keep the timer running without reset to 1 hour 29 min.
    Whenever I complete 1st task of the day. the timer would keep running normally and count down to 0 so I could do tasks to get bunny and finished before bunny time expire. I produced all the items needed ahead of the time.
    I've done it this way two days in the row and catch 9 bunnies out of 11 task.

    But I just checked the bunny task earlier. It shows "checking derby results" and after I typed the text above, the derby went back to normal with timer count down to 1 hour 18 min. So perhaps the engineer fixed the problem?

    (fingers crossed)

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    Just now HayDay did some maintenance, so that i had to wait for 15 minutes. My bunny timer was at 45 minutes before this. Now it is back to 1 hour 30 minutes. I really hope, the maintenance was to fix this $%@! buggy timer and this was the last time, i got a reset. This was the third reset today. I am waiting since 4 hours and have my smartphone docked in the charging device, screen never goes to sleep and HayDay is running in the foreground.
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    Oh, I hope this update fixes the bunny timer issue. It's really aggravating.
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    So far, so good. The bunny timer has not reset, even though I've let my phone sleep.

    Though the update appears to have refreshed the task board, meaning the tasks I had been preparing for are gone, and the task I had taken nearly expired before I could finish it, even though I should have had 13 more hours to complete it.
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    Hi. I tried over an hour ago and bunny was running but didnt show after I finished quick task. When I go back it said 6 1/2 more hours before bunny time. Down to 4 1/2 now.

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