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Thread: Lacking mercy th11+ , constant wars

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    Lacking mercy constant war clan , looking for th11+

    🛡️Lacking Mercy🛡️ (#28R8V00RG)

    The greatness of a♥community♥is most accurately measured by the compassionate actions of its members. Alone, we can do so little; together, we can do So Much. 💝

    We at Lacking Mercy have a very compassionate community who stand with each other through thick and thin 💪. An Active chat always makes sure you would have a nice and warm time here 🥰🥰.

    Members always helping each other out, teaching strategies 🗒️✍️ and always uplifting each other's spirit.
    Helping each other out with war bases and defensive layouts 👷🏗️.
    Giving constructive criticism which helps in growth of the player ✅

    Welcome to the Lacking Mercy, a clan like no other! We fight Wars to win ⚠️⚠️.
    If you're like minded you would love it here 🐐.

    About Us:

    We are an international clan with a social and friendly atmosphere, that focuses on the players.
    ⚔️ TH11+
    ⚔️ Level 7 Clan
    ⚔️ 100% FP War Clan
    ⚔️ Back to Back Wars
    ⚔️ CWL Crystal II
    ⚔️ Max CG

    General Clan Rules:

    🔰 Be respectful and mindful of others
    🔰 Discord is mandatory , important information about war and other stuff are discussed collectively.
    🔰 Follow War Rules
    🔰 Upon entry you will be required to complete a few FCs , so we can know how to proceed forward

    You should be mature enough to handle constructive criticism.
    You should have some experience in war and know about attacks. We would always help you polishing your skills.
    You should try your best to 3 star every war attack 💪.
    Try to donate as much as possible within your league 🖤.
    Be nice and Be respectful of the other players of the community.

    Minimum requirements:

    TH 11: BK-40 AQ-40 W-10
    TH 12: BK-55 AQ-55 W-30
    TH 13: BK-65 AQ-65 W-46 RC-10
    NON RUSHED BASE not matching the requirements can apply too we treat each case differently.

    Apply here :
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