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Thread: BARCHING to Champs - 2400 to 3700 Trophies in a week

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    BARCHING to Champs - 2400 to 3700 Trophies in a week

    First and foremost, I am not the first player to barch to champs - there's been many to do so.
    Such as blackdragon on this thread:

    I've done it a couple of times before as well but this time, I just wanted to write out a short guide including pics and vids.

    So, Our clan had a trophy push for one week from Jan 6th to the 13th.
    We finished 28th in the world rankings, with 33199 trophies as a clan.
    27 clanmates ended up obtaining the Champs badge (half of them for the very first time).

    I personally had a goal to reach 3400 given that I only had a week to push from my usual farming range at Crystal 1 (2400-2500). My previous record trophy was 3300. However, I ended up reaching 3707. My strategy was simple - BARCH my way up and conserve the use of gems to raid efficiently and effectively as possible. I've always been using BARCH to farm at any level over more than a year playing this game.

    Here is where I ended up. As you can see I won 145 raids in a week.
    I believe I've lost about 4-5 raids in the past week.
    Winning on defense is almost a lose-lose gamble these days (even with maxed defense).
    I've only had 8 defensive wins which didn't really add that much to my total trophy push compared to all the wins I piled up.

    Also became #1 in the country I'm registered under.

    Here is a video of my BARCH in play against a champ with all maxed base/walls/heroes.
    Props to our very own DADDY for the vid clip! He has a great Youtube channel!

    And here are screenshots of my BARCH raids in 3 hour sessions.

    [PROS of BARCHING to Champs]

    1. It's cheap:
    Entire army only costs 60,000 elixir. Add the spell costs but you'll still pretty much even out just from the Champs loot bonus.

    2. It's fast:
    With the spell boost (but no barrack boost), I was able to attack every 30 mins. I ended up using heroes only every 3rd or 4th battle. Attacking more often results in faster climbing up the trophies.

    3. NO bases are intentionally made for anti-barching up at Champs:
    Of course there are bases that are impossible to barch, but a lot of bases are extremely barchable because they are anti-gowiwi based. You'll find many bases with nearly half of the buildings outside or very near the walls.

    4. Thankfully the Multi Disco doesn't affect barch so much
    Most bases have IT in the very center around the Town Hall, and with the shortened range, it hardly touches the barch army.

    [CONS of BARCHING to Champs]

    1. 1-Star wins are the norm. 2-Star plus is just a dream
    While gowiwi's can often 2-star bases (which becomes extremely important in 3600 range and up due to the super small trophies that are offered per win), barching is very limited to 1-star wins. Worst part is, people are often ticked off for being barched so they will try to revenge you with a 2-star plus win with gowiwi etc.

    2. Hard to lure CC troops and Heroes
    Most champs use a gowiwi army that utilize wallbreakers to lure out CC and heroes, very few use hogs at earlier champ stages. However, there's a limit to luring them out just using barbs for barch. If you can't lure them out (especially the heroes), your chance of winning that raid is almost to 0.

    3. Giant Bombs
    Setting those giant bombs off is devastating to such a fragile barch army. I would always first pick out bases that have minimal 2x2 space in between outside walls and defensive buildings (they are either placed with giant bombs or hidden teslas). Then once I start the battle, I'd send 4 or 5 barbs out to those 2x2 spots (expected areas) to set off those giant bombs.

    I would always bring 80 barbs and 160 archers.
    This is easily done by cooking in the following orders:
    - barrack 1: 75 barbs
    - barrack 2: 75 archers
    - barrack 3: 75 archers
    - barrack 4: 7 barbs + 68 archers
    This would give me 77 barbs and 163 archers but I'd be donating off a few archers away which relatively matches my quota.

    Then, I'd bring 5 lightning spells. Some barchers like to bring 4 lightning plus a heal spell or a rage spell but I very much appreciate having that 5th lightning to either destroy 2 buildings at once or kill off opponents CC troops. 5 lightning is a must beyond 3400 range. On most raids, I'd be using 4 lightnings (on two mortars or rarely on a wiz tower near the wall).

    CC troops would be composed of 2 Witches + 1 Wizard + 2 Archers (sometimes, 7 wizards and 2 archers are fine). The purpose of these CC troops is to solely bring down level 40 BK and AQ at the corner of an opponent's base.

    And last but not least, always have those 2 heroes as insurance.


    To be continued...

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    Very cool, i already saw your raid on daddy's channel! Great raids. Thanks for the guide too, hopefully I can reach to champs using barch

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    Can't really say much more than congrats! I am looking to reach masters this next trophy push of mine with BARCH. I will use your advice! Thanks and congrats once again!
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    I thought you were using dragons

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    Now that takes skill.

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    Wow, that's insane. Congrats, and thanks for making a guide!

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    I crown Howie the "Barch King". All hail King Howie!

    Mad thread mate. Props...

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    Please consider taking the time to not read this.
    How high do you think, would barching be possible with heroes lvl20 and 15 and army camps at 7 (220) ?

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    You are a very good player howie. You really do this tactic so good.

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    Amazing, and you farmed the ♥♥♥♥ out of those gemmers!

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