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Thread: Bunny timers - Frustration with game programmers

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    Bunny timers - Frustration with game programmers

    I am frustrated. I have been playing Hay Day for over 5 years. I call this game my 'private shame' in jest. I have a nice career that sucks my soul 12 hours a day 6 days a week but it provides well for my family so there is that. I come into the game to escape reality and relax. I organize my farm for functionality and aesthetics. I like that THIS is where I come to know everything will be balanced and running smoothly. No vendor issues, employee issues , customer issues.... I harvest supplies, make products sell products. But lately it seems there has been so much extra crammed into this game that no one is error proofing, or diligently working to resolve known issues as they arise. I usually just roll with it, sometimes it's fixed in a couple days, others maybe a week or two. BUT THIS BUNNY TIMER BUSINESS .... so I have written to the in game support. I have done this numerous times and I continue to report issues that are not fixed. I have been dismissed with - well there is nothing more we can do and they close out the chat. (Ps I usually just report the errors and move on - no long verbiage and explanations and discussions. But I am getting very frustrated and actually wrote a long winded message.

    Good day & happy derby tuesday. I am very frustrated with the complete and utter disregard to fixing the timer for the bunny tasks. We set our schedules on these timers and for them to randomly reset is completely inconsiderate on your part as a programmer for this game. If anyone has a task time out - we just lose points, there is no consideration for human error or mistakes, but if the error is on your part because you have programming glitches, we just have to deal with it?

    This is not a new issue. People are posting in the forums ever since the first bunny derby about these errors. If you valued and appreciated your players then you would be proactive about resolving this.

    Why do you continue to release updates and add-ons to drive more diamonds and spending out of your players, but lack the consideration to fix a simple timer request.

    I want to continue playing in a happy place. My neighborhood had been together for years. This is supposed to be a fun escape, but really sucks (for a lack of a better word) to feel like a simple request is taken for granted.

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    I was looking forward to this Chill chill out! And what did we get? SC threw in this Bunny with complicated timer...not chill out time at all. So very disappointed! One of my hoodie opted in who had not done a Bunny Derby before and totally messed up because the timer was so complicated to explain. With three opting in I was expecting that we had to do 6 task, but no, it's 15 chilling.

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