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Thread: Will the timer EVER be fixed on bunny derbies? 😡

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nestof3 View Post
    This could’ve been done in the recent update. What’s the point of a timer if the timer doesn’t work? Good grief.
    Weird bunny times from the start, chill derby issues, even changing already achieved derby prizes with a maintenance. How low can this game get...

    They did bunny derbies all over the place for the last weeks, still no (or very few) progress.

    I adapted my "playing style", logging in only from time to time. Managed to catch all 3 bunnies, but it was no fun.
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    I really hope the bunny timer gets fixed soon. Bunny derbies were introduced in March of 2020, so it’s been over 3 months and the timers still don’t work. Please, do not have bunny derbies until this is fixed. Please.

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    We know that the bunny will show up in 1h 40m BEFORE what the time shows. It will say 1:40 and then a few seconds later start counting down from 10 seconds.

    Pretty stupid that it has not been fixed though. This will probably drag in for years like many other nuisances (ex: sometimes 9 hours later bees are still collecting honey from nectars).

    Would be nice if SC personnel actually give some
    Input on these threads but it seems they rarely bother anymore.....

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