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    Space, obviously
    Quote Originally Posted by Rallys View Post
    Th11 and level 11 walls

    I meant the book of building

    But those white walls make things difficult and they are BEAUTIFUL! lol

    I also dread going to th12 with how expensive and long upgrades are,At one point I was planing to just max th11 then quit the game, like really 14 days(2 weeks!) for just 1 camp, just 5 more space

    Seriously, who's idea was that??
    Time flies. It'll be over before you know it. It's definitely worth it.

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    Canít ever quit. Must keep upgrading. Or there will be withdrawal symptoms.

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    I was planning on maxing my th11 and getting as many books and hammers before going th12. Only have 99 walls left and 3 King. This months books have made me reconsider and I will be pressing upgrade in the next few days. Iím not wasting a book of building.

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