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Thread: Builder Hall daily loot limit increase to nine per day

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cookiemonster123123 View Post
    Also BB is meant to be a distraction from MV, not a grind village. Others may think differently though.
    This ^^^

    The Builder Base is just a daily distraction from the Home Village, not a grind fest. That was always Supercell's intent, and AFAIK, it still is. The amount of loot you earn per day is purposely throttled.

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    I dont see the need. If you are going weeks between upgrades, you are too low in trophies for your bh level. I might have to wait a day or two at most on my bh8 mini in the 3300 to 3500 range. Its sitting full on gold right now waiting for bm upgrade to finish. The only real crunch is trying to time lab and bm upgrades. Regardless, as long as you are in a decent trophy range and get your three wins daily, you can progress just fine. Too well in some case. My main has been maxed for months.
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