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Thread: Any good Supertroop for offensive or defensive clan castle ?

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    Any good Supertroop for offensive or defensive clan castle ?

    We're a rather casual clan, trudging along for fun, no maxed players mostly TH 9-10-11, couple of 12 and 13; no one in Legend.

    I understand Supertroops are fun and broadly worth it. I've tried a few myself, they're OK. I've been trying to find a supertroop that makes sense to give to my clanmates, especially with the League coming up. Supergobs can be useful in a TH-targeting siege engine, but apart from that I haven't found anything worth its space, neither on defense nor on offense. I'm very disappointed in superbabies.

    Am I missing something ? I understand it's probably the game working as intended, supertroops are a DE sink for maxed Legend players' own use. But I can't help being a bit frustrated I cannot find a "clan" use for them.

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    Never found a 'clan' use for Barbarians too, the frustration has been since the very beginning. Anyway,

    For defense, you can use Inferno Dragon as it just takes 15 housing space but gives good output against enemy troops & heroes. A few sneaky gobs are also great for defensive cc as they are swift enough to make distance from other cc troops and the invisibility helps them to engage with enemy troops and deal some damage before even being targeted.

    For offense, sneaky gobs are best for blimp drops. Super troops are useful in direct attacks but for offensive cc, I have yet to find any specific use for other super troops.
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