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Thread: Another Deco Idea

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    Another Deco Idea

    Ok, not sure if been requested or not and don't have time to read all threads. But while I was redoing farm after update I came to realize that we have Barrel's & Keg's for decos but no Create's. Not every thing is shipped in barrels or kegs. A lot of items are shipped in creates as well. We have creates around barn and that's it for most part. Also just came to mind, milk jugs like around dairy an/or milk jars would also be cool decos.

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    We should decorations like Greg’s farm. We should get random fences, statues, houses and decorations as derby prices. We need more money as prices. Everything is so expensive that that we need more money to play properly. When we play the truck game it should start at 50,000 and then spin again then 80,000 then a million. The game is getting more intense without having fun. Some of my team team members including myself are stressed out. We don’t have enough money and diamonds. Some of us want to stop playing because we are lacking money and diamonds. Please think about this.

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