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Thread: Peanut collection speed seems a tad long

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    Quote Originally Posted by dtx725 View Post
    Yeah more bugs added to the pile that doesn't get fixed. Five minutes after updating I get a town visitor demanding a bag of peanuts, what is up with that?
    You have to have squirrels. Pretty sad when they start adding destructive rodents to a farm game. Could not even play my valley because of that 3x crop event. Had corn and wheat tasks. A whole shopfull of corn 10 for1 coin just sat there, nobody would buy. Had 5 ads out on it. Silo full. No fuel, no quests.
    Wheat problem? What wheat problem ? (Just trolling)

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    Quote Originally Posted by BULIGO View Post
    Wheat problem? What wheat problem ? (Just trolling)
    Wheat is faster paced and accumulate faster than corn. Secondary farms not have large silo therefore visitors do not ask for wheat often enough and ask for only half. But I guess you had not thought of that O-o.
    I loaded up my mill slots with wheat bundles too . Too much wheat.

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