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    Quote Originally Posted by purpleclove View Post
    Attachment 215552 is the photo
    Thanks for this photo! Iím so tempted!! Itís only money. 🙃

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    Quote Originally Posted by OneRadcat View Post
    WOW! I bought them cuz they are so cute! I didnít realize I was getting 5 sets! I had to go back into my deco and pull the other 4 sets out. This was good value!! Now the big debate- do I get the cute hammock or another boat (I have the boat filled w flowers).
    definitely go for the hammock! I got all 3 but prefer the hammock over the boat.
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    Depends on where you like to place them, the boat looks cute on the beach wherereas hammock can be placed both in the farm or town. i prefer the hammock over the boat as it is swinging and it has that relaxing effect

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