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    Same here, very frustrating, just hope they fix it

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    Chat is not working anymore since last update

    dear hay day team, our chat isnt working anymore since your last update.. please help! It kind of disappears. my community members have the same problem

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    Op this glitch is already documented on this page scroll down and you will see lots of farmers have this issue
    yes my english writing skills are rubbish and lacks punctuation i am very well aware of this so please keep all comments and pm clash related all i want to do is chat not be reminded how poor my education is thanks

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    Same problem, Nokia (HMD) phone and Huawei tablet.

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    I just have a black screen. Can't read any chat. Playing on android galaxy s9.

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    Tracking the timer
    It seems like the display issue is directly linked to the on screen keyboard on android device, although not in use. The gap in the chat has the exact same height of the keyboard, I’ve been adjusting the height of the gap by adjusting my virtual keyboard height.
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    Chat screen not entirely visible

    Chat screen is not entirely visible when we start typing. Can only see one message on the screen. However if i only see the chat without trying to open the keypad the conversation is visible. Many android users are facing this same difficulty in my hood

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    Same issues galaxy s7

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    Same problem, galaxy tab

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    Same issue on Samsung Galaxy Tab A

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