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    Issues with Chat--> POST HERE

    Just did the new update. Went and chatted with neighbors and the chat screen went down to about 1/4 useable. The other 3/4 remains blank. I closed the hayday app, closed it from running in the background and restarted it. Started reading the chats and it was back to being a full screen. I tapped to open the keyboard and it went back to 1/4.
    Playing on a Samsung Galaxy note 8.
    Also just noticed that going to the fishing pond triggers the partial chat screen.
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    Mine is doing the same but the entire screen is blank. I clean the cache, tried opening from Google Play but no good. Playing on Android.

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    I'm having the same problem as well. I can't even see my own words after I've sent them let alone others chat.
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    Going into Valley and see the chat from there temporarily works for me.
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    Same issue here; I can post once, then chat is gone, have to log out and then back in to see chat. Android, Samsung Galaxy S8.

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    Chat neighborhood issues.

    The neighborhood chat cuts to view one comment instead of seeing the full thread of comments.

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    Yes , all android people seem to have that problem

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    chat Bar Error

    Hi . sir after the Upgrade . I can't chat with my friend I can't see all words . Just I can see only 1 line on top . I am sure many people are facing like that error even it was a perfect before to upgrade . Please fix this

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    It looks like this is happening to several other players as well, as I see it mentioned in the update thread. I will ping Nick about the issue.

    Is anyone else having this issue? And is it just on Android? Anyone experiencing this with Apple devices? Post below please your device type (make, model, OS) so everything is in one place for Nick to view. Thanks!
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    I see one three line chat or two two line chats in my samsung galaxy s5e tablet.

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