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    i have this problem too on my Android phone. it's fine to start, but after using the keyboard popup (google keyboard), the viewable chat area stays at the squished size at the top... is is doesn't resize to the original, full window.

    i found a small workaround that helps a bit: i just start to enter a message and then quickly cancel it, before the keyboard can pop up. this forces the chat screen to resize with just the bottom text-entry bar, so that 75% will be used. not perfect, but better.

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    Yep same problem on my android

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    I am playing on a Nexus 6P with Android 8.1.0. I have the same problem. It is debilitating to not be able to see your neighborhood chat for active teams. This bug needs to be resoled quickly.

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    Same issue on iPhone and tablet running Android ...

    Two neighbours using IPhone and Ipad dont have issues.
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    No issue in iPad mini 5.
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    No issue with this on my iPad Air

    Thanks TerM!

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    Quote Originally Posted by SweetCherryPie View Post
    Same issue here; I can post once, then chat is gone, have to log out and then back in to see chat. Android, Samsung Galaxy S8.
    Exactly this.Close entire app. Restart. One post, then all black out chat. THE GROUP NOTIFICATION area works fine, however. Galaxy Note 3.. worked perfect before update Today.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ilovehayday View Post
    It looks like this is happening to several other players as well, as I see it mentioned in the update thread. I will ping Nick about the issue.

    Is anyone else having this issue? And is it just on Android? Anyone experiencing this with Apple devices? Post below please your device type (make, model, OS) so everything is in one place for Nick to view. Thanks!
    GALAXY NOTE 3. Error after update as described, one text then vlack out chat. Neighborhood notifI cation works. Must Close app, restart, one text, black out, close whole app, restart, one text, black out,...repeat..ty

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    On my Android tablet - a Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 - I can see full chat when I log in, but as soon as I post a comment it changes, so I can see just my post.

    However, I can scroll backwards from that post and see the earlier chat.
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    I'm having the same problem on my android.

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