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Thread: Custom Decoration

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    Quote Originally Posted by emailkathy2016 View Post
    LOL Congratulations! where did you find it? How? What did you have to do?
    My quest for custom deco reminds me a my quest for the Ty beanies babies! The scouring of stores for the limited editions, waiting in horrible weather for the hope of being lucky enough to get one.... ahhhh to be that young again! Lololol
    Ha ha! That took me back! I still have a huge storage box full of beanie babies I collected when I was younger. About half a dozen Princess Diana bears stuffed in there, I thought at the time they would make me my fortune!!😆

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    Since custom deco has become available, we have never gotten a custom deco for placing in top 3. We have been in first place except when we opted to forego top three for three bunnies or bingos. Getting frustrating.

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