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Thread: Villagers distraught, after upsetting discovery in the village

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    In the need to fill the position of warden in the village a new warden in a gladiator skin is coming to village tomorrow

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    Quote Originally Posted by Doddsyuk View Post
    A memorial statute of the Grand Warden to commemorate the loss has appeared in the village, we have a photo but all the villagers ran to hide in the town hall when we arrived, so once again we were unable to supply comments. Village police have release a statement to say the incident was a horrible accident caused when the Warden fell into the tank on his way home after a few too many at a party at the local wizard tower!

    thanx for the update, but Id still investigate those wizards. It could be a plot to take over as new GW.

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    In that first image elixir little drunk...

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    So the truth comes out where Elixir comes from.......

    It's Soylent Pink!

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    I wonder if this will make the front page of the clash chronicle... Shocking turn of events this...

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    haha - good thread!

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