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    Do you really believe that if you boot them, they will contemplate how rude THEY were? Or do you think they will be oblivious and tell others how rude YOU were?

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    Quote Originally Posted by JD4U View Post
    Do you really believe that if you boot them, they will contemplate how rude THEY were? Or do you think they will be oblivious and tell others how rude YOU were?
    Yeah anything hardly matters in this world.

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    In our clan no one reserves clan game tasks, and when they try I would tell them good luck grabbing it mate, but no one will skip it because you want them to. We have no special nancies in our clan.

    As for the kick and change bases, that is a risk you take when booting someone before war starts. In my experience people seldom see or admit they were in the wrong. Now I do think it is a petty thing to do though.

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    A and A .

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    Clan games is a free for all as far as i am concerned and if you are lucky enough to get a big points challenge, then well done and good luck to you.

    If what you are explaining in your scenario is a real set of events, then it sounds someone has a rather large ego and perhaps needs to wake up and realise its a game. Otherwise they might get wrinkles prematurely!

    Changing their base for war, well that just shows the true character. No one player is bigger than a clan so I would remove them without hesitation. I did a similar removal a few months back, best thing i did for the harmony of the clan.

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    I do my best to not, I mean NOT allow one 'bad potato' to negatively effect the rest of the good and decent potatoes in the bag.

    If that means I gotta let loose one bad potato, then they gotta go. They can stink up the place in another clan (or just chill out in the clashy-server's cyberspace un-clanned as far as i am concerned).

    it is a game and I do my best to treat it as such. but I know from experience bigots, bullies, cowards, haters and trolls ( the like) hide behind the guise of a screen name, or avatar which offers them some anonymity to an extent: and allows them to act in ways that I believe they most likely would not in a face-to-face version of equal events, or conversations. and if they indeed would act the way they do behind the 'mask' it speaks volume for their character... and those character's are not welcome in my clan.


    but I dont have time for that.

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    The Boot without doubt

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    we have always maxed clan games since its inception, theres always some leeches, but what do i care? as long as a member contributes to the clan in SOME way, its all good.
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